The Forecast

Every executive in the automotive sector views the industry from a unique perspective. However, all share a common desire to understand the market environment and its ability to alter the prospects for their specific product or service.

The Monthly Autocast generates this insight by focusing on the core concerns of every business:

  • What Is The Current State Of The Market?
  • How Are Various Forces Altering The Status Quo?
  • What Specific Products Will Benefit (Or Suffer) From These Coming Changes?

The Monthly Autocast addresses these critical parameters by tracking developments, quantifying trends and presenting a comprehensive outlook for automotive sales, production and capacity. The report thereby creates a blueprint of future activity and allows you to anticipate (and exploit) shifts in the marketplace before they occur.

This forward-looking perspective is generated by a network of interconnected forecasting systems that evaluate the market’s many drivers simultaneously while staying within the context of a common set of market assumptions. This integrated modeling approach entails literally millions of calculations, and allows each forecast to encapsulate the many economic, market and competitive forces that continuously shape the automotive landscape.

The system, for instance, will easily calculate new production estimates for a given model based on a change in the economic outlook or a shift in market share. However, at the same time, it will also indicate whether these projected volumes are consistent with capacity, build rates, inventory, and the competitive climate within a particular product segment to insure that the volume projected is a reliable measure of future potential.

This iterative process of cross-checking and cross-referencing builds in statistical consistency and improves accuracy. Moreover, it makes the modeling system incredibly flexible and allows new pieces of information, emerging trends and revised assumptions to be incorporated into the forecast without difficulty or delay.