Advantages for You

Executives often cannot utilize the “bottom up” methodology employed by The Monthly Autocast because they have neither the time nor resources required to support such an intricate forecasting system. Instead, they take an ad hoc approach when assessing market potential, gathering scattered bits of data from disparate sources and then cobbling together whatever is found into a hastily prepared projection of activity. Inaccuracies and inconsistencies, however, inevitably result from this type of process, and these errors can easily taint any corresponding analysis of market conditions. Moreover, there is often little cohesion from one planning cycle to the next, since the “institutional memory” for generating forecasts typically gets lost in the bustle of completing other tasks.

The Monthly Autocast surmounts these obstacles by providing you with a one-stop source for market intelligence. Forecasts are:

Accurate: Consistent data, common market assumptions, and superior modeling methodology give structural integrity to the forecast, and insure that The Monthly Autocast’s analysis accurately projects the effects of a wide array of automotive indicators.

Up To Date: Forecasts are continually updated in response to constant contact with industry sources, recent media reports, and the latest statistical releases. Moreover, since The Monthly Autocast relies on an integrated modeling approach, all forecast series are derived simultaneously and offer a common view on the latest market developments.

Unbiased: All data is derived from an unbiased assessment of industry trends. The Monthly Autocast thus provides an independent perspective, compiled apart from manufacturers’ “political” agendas and self-serving volume estimates.

Convenient: The Monthly Autocast’s succinct analysis and easily viewed tables offer the convenience of a single, authoritative source for market information. Moreover, this intelligence can be accessed at any time in both written and electronic formats.

Cost Effective: The Monthly Autocast provides market forecasts at a fraction of the cost of producing such information internally. The report therefore provides compelling value, and offers you the opportunity to gain a better perspective on market activity while concurrently saving the time, effort and expense of preparing your own estimates.

The Monthly Autocast’s greatest advantages, though, come from quantifying the business climate for your specific interests in the automotive sector.  The report accordingly provides unique insight into how best to navigate the market environment and can help you avoid mistakes, exploit opportunities and materially improve the performance of your company.