About the Autocast

The Monthly Autocast is an insiders’ guide to automotive sales, production and capacity trends. Offering insightful analysis and realistic forecasts of performance, this publication presents an informed view of business conditions and helps you quickly assess the impact of changes in the marketplace.

The cornerstone of The Monthly Autocast’s analysis is a comprehensive six-year forecast of activity for every manufacturer, model and plant in North America. Estimates offer a wealth of detail on OEM operations and quantify future prospects for:

  • Vehicle Production, By Nameplate and Platform
  • Vehicle Production And Capacity, By Assembly Plant
  • Future Product Redesigns, Sourcing Changes and Capacity Shifts

With a subscription to The Monthly Autocast automotive happenings are tracked and evaluated in a logical, easy-to-accomplish manner. You avoid the time-consuming process of compiling and assessing basic market intelligence, and can dramatically improve your business planning by gaining access to a comprehensive base of reliable information. Moreover, the report allows you to take a systematic look at the future, and thus focuses your analysis on the strategic implications of coming, rather than past, automotive events.

The Monthly Autocast has been a trusted source of automotive market forecasts since its inception in 1993, and has assisted thousands of senior level executives in developing reliable benchmarks for budgeting, scheduling and planning activities. Subscribers include a wide array of manufacturers, suppliers, government agencies, consultants, investment houses and transportation companies, and include many of the most recognized names in these sectors.

Clifford Swenson, Editor & Principal of The Monthly Autocast, brings almost thirty years of experience to the field of automotive research, and first gained notoriety by pioneering techniques for forecasting on a by-model basis while an economist for Merrill Lynch.  He subsequently brought several new analytic capabilities to the automotive research community, and is noteworthy for being the first to project shifts in industry capacity usage and plant-by-plant production. In addition, Mr. Swenson has also created customized approaches for modeling market scenarios and technological adaptation rates, and is the author of numerous client studies that examine emerging trends in the automotive sector.