The Monthly Autocast

The Monthly Autocast helps executives understand the dynamics of the automotive marketplace by analyzing recent developments and expressing their impact in terms of sales and production forecasts for specific vehicles, platforms and assembly plants.

The report’s forecasts provide unique insight into the future performance of individual OEMs and their product lines. Moreover, this data is prepared from a proprietary “bottom up” modeling approach, and therefore presents a wealth of detailed intelligence that is not obtainable from standard industry publications.

The Monthly Autocast has been a trusted source of market forecasts for over twenty years, and is an indispensable tool for anyone assessing activity in the automotive sector. Subscribers include manufacturers, suppliers, transporters and investment firms, who utilize the report to better comprehend the prospects for their own product lines and enjoy the convenience of accessing reliable intelligence at the click of a mouse.

An overview of the Monthly Autocast’s methodologies and capabilities can be found on the following pages. More complete information, however, may be easily obtained by contacting us directly. Simply call 631-271-2462 and we’ll be happy to discuss whatever questions you may have.