Superior Results

The Monthly Autocast’s analysis derives from an exhaustive review of activity for hundreds of individual models and assembly plants and a sober assessment of the probable impact of manufacturers’ plans for the future. This unique “bottom up” approach is far superior to the econometric-based methods often employed in automotive forecasting, which rely on fading historical relationships and are notoriously slow to pick up unfolding shifts in consumption patterns. The Monthly Autocast, in contrast, views the market’s behavior as multifaceted and always changing, and continually gauges the interplay of numerous market forces. These include:

  • Sales
  • Market Share
  • Pricing
  • Segmentation
  • New Product Activity
  • Production
  • Capacity
  • Plant Sourcing
  • Exports
  • Inventory
  • Economic Growth
  • Seasonality
  • Demographics
  • Risk Tolerance
  • OEM Strategies

Moreover, all of this information is developed and projected on a by-month basis, a powerful capability that readily uncovers imbalances between vehicle supply and demand, and provides innumerable insights into manufacturers’ probable response to any given market environment.

Developing such a comprehensive view of automotive activity materially improves forecasting accuracy and allows The Monthly Autocast to quickly incorporate emerging trends and the effects of new developments. In addition, since each forecast is based on a uniform set of assumptions, the impact of each market factor can be isolated and evaluated separately to determine its significance (or lack of) to the overall forecast.

The depth and sophistication of The Monthly Autocast’s modeling approach insures that you will access the most up to date and reliable forecasts available. The report thus establishes a sound framework for decision-making, and frees you from the confines imposed by manufacturers’ self-serving estimates or "in-house" projections derived from less-exacting methods.